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Carpet Buying Guide

Are you remodeling your home or updating the appearance of your commercial space? The type of flooring in your space has a huge impact in the overall atmosphere! The look and feel of carpet can add a lot of character and comfort to a room. Residential and commercial practices benefit from the installation of carpet. There’s no other flooring option that offers softness, cushion, and warmth under foot like carpet. Since carpeting is less labor intensive to clean and maintain, over time it costs less compared to hard surface flooring.


Why Choose Carpet?

Did you know that new, well maintained carpet is beneficial to your health? Carpet traps dust, dirt, and dander in between the fibers. When carpet is regularly cleaned, dirt is removed more efficiently than stirring up dirt with a broom and dust pan. This is especially helpful if somebody inhabiting the space suffers from allergies. The dense fibers of carpet coupled with quality cushion retains warmth in the room. When you aren’t reaching for the thermostat as often, you will save on energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Carpeting can also reduce noise transmitted through the ceiling, walls, and floors. This coupled with the soft texture makes it the perfect option for a children’s playroom! Slip and fall accidents almost always occur on hard surface floors. This is why carpeting is also beneficial if there are children or seniors in the home.


Carpet Styles

Carpeting offers many creative possibilities for the look of your office or home! There are endless options for patterns, colors, and styles. High or deep pile carpeting with tall, loose fibers creates a cozy atmosphere. The full, fluffy texture makes it a great option for bedrooms and living areas. Low pile carpet has short, tight loops and is the easiest to clean and move furniture across. The smooth surface makes it good for dining rooms and other areas with high traffic such as offices.


Quality of Carpet

The appearance and longevity of carpet is determined by the quality, length, and construction of the fibers. It’s important to get a feel for carpet samples. Before you make any final decisions about installing carpeting, look at samples. Viewing and touching samples is the only way to see the differences between choices. Plus, this is a material that you will come into contact with daily, so it’s important that it is the right fit.


Carpet Installation

Installing the right carpet can make or break the atmosphere and functionality of a room. With the right flooring company, carpet installation is quick and easy! It’s imperative that you choose an experienced company to install your new carpet. If general guidelines aren’t followed during installation, you could be left with ill fitting carpet that buckles or wrinkles. This can result in tripping hazards or premature wear and tear on something you just invested a good amount of money into. Dalton Flooring only works with experienced, full time installers who are professional and qualified. Our installation process is efficient, so we will have your space transformed in no time



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