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High Quality Flooring Brands

Quality is key when you are choosing flooring for your home. Everybody wants to get a good price, especially with how hard you work for your money. But, when you’re doing renovations to your flooring, you want to make sure you have the right balance of affordability and quality. In other words, the cheapest isn’t always the best!

Saving Money on Flooring

Do you really want to save a couple hundred bucks just to deal with unprofessional installation? Or flooring that doesn’t hold up through the years? Areas with high traffic should get more attention when it comes to your flooring budget. If you don’t splurge on your flooring in these areas, the quality of the flooring that you have chosen will degrade quickly. It will be more costly and chaotic to go through installing flooring time and time again. The consequences have to be considered when choosing the lowest priced materials. It’s true what they say, you get what you pay for! New quality flooring increases the value of your home. This is especially helpful to those who are looking to sell their home now or in the future. When you shop with Dalton flooring, you already know you’re getting a fair price and the highest quality. We also strive to beat competitors’ prices.

Why Choose High Quality Flooring?

We keep the best flooring brands in stock. You don’t have to worry about the quality of your floors when you come to our showroom or choose our installation services. Our showroom includes well-known brands like Shaw Floors, Mohawk, Dream Weaver, Bruce, and All Tile, which are all brands that are known for the premium look and durability through the years. You can come out to see the quality in person at our showroom, or we can bring samples of this luxurious brands to you. Your money will be will spent with Dalton flooring!

Where You Can Use Low-Quality Flooring

If you’re trying to save a buck, there are some spaces that don’t demand high quality flooring. But, in our opinion, you should never skimp on quality in places like your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, dining room, and living room. That’s because, again, these areas are high traffic, or places where you spend the majority of your time. You can skip out on installing premium flooring in places like warehouses, offices, studios, and garages where spills and messes will occur. Use the money you’ve saved in these spaces to increase the budget for quality flooring in the places that matter! This way, you aren’t sacrificing your own comfort to reduce costs.

Money Saving Flooring Tips

Another great tip to consider for those who are trying to save money is to reduce the amount of luxury carpeting that you’re buying. For example, it is just as effective to buy a high-quality rug instead of carpeting the entire room in your favorite expensive carpet. You will still enjoy the high quality without having to spend a ton of money. For more tips and tricks on getting the best quality floors for your budget, get in touch with Dalton flooring!
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