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Hardwood flooring has been a popular choice in interior design for hundreds of years. Everybody can appreciate a maintained hardwood floor. They are especially valuable if you’re trying to sell your home since they are a feature that is highly sought after. This type of floor adds an aspect of timeless style and classic architecture to any room. Since trees are a renewable resource, hardwood flooring is a sustainable option for your home or commercial space. This flooring use less water and energy in production compared to any other flooring option.

Wood floors are more durable, attractive and eco-friendly than carpets and other types of flooring. Hardwood flooring is a better solution for homes with kids and pets because it is much easier to clean and maintain. When it comes to home improvement, hardwood floors are a strong investment. You can always sell your home for a higher price down the road and make back some of your initial expenses.

The benefits of installing hardwood floors are numerous. One of biggest benefits is that they are easy to maintain on a day to day basis. Cleaning and caring for your floors will ensure that your investment stays protected. You simply have to sweep and lightly dry mop when it is needed. You can also add specialized cleaning products for your specific flooring. Be sure to ask your installer if there are any special steps you have to take to ensure the floor finish stays intact. You never want to saturate your wood floor with water, oil based cleaners or harsh chemicals. When you take proper care of your hardwood flooring, it has the potential to last for generations.

There are many benefits of hardwood flooring, another benefit is that they are more durable than carpets. Wood floors can last up to 20 years, which is much longer than carpets that can only last up to 7 years on average. Wood floors also have a higher resale value because they look nicer than carpeted homes. If you’re a person who’s environmentally conscious, wood floors are a great choice for your home. Wood is easier to recycle than carpet, which can be difficult and costly to dispose of. 

Hardwood floors also provide additional insulation for your home, which will help you save money on heating bills in the winter and air conditioning bills in the summer! Wood floors will also last much longer than other flooring types, so you’ll save money on replacements in the long run.  Many people care about the health of their hardwood floors and want to keep them looking new for many years. A simple way to maintain wood is by using a wood floor cleaner that you can use on your floors, vacuuming the area frequently, and wiping down the boards when you notice streaks. If you’re ready to learn more about installing hardwood, you can register for a free consultation.

the benefits of hardwood


When you're looking into installing a hardwood floor, you have a couple of options to choose from when it comes to the finish of the wood.

Prefinished hardwood flooring is already sanded and sealed when it comes from the factory. It is a type of wood floor that has been finished before it is installed. This type of flooring is installed more easily and quickly than unfinished wood floors. This makes for a quick installation process with no staining or varnishing. Also, the floor will be ready to walk on as soon as it’s put down. It’s usually a bit cheaper than unfinished when you compare the two. It is also more affordable and can be refinished without having to remove it for sanding and refinishing.

Unfinished requires multiple coats of protective varnish that have to dry over a period of time. However, it’s the best option if you’re trying to match a specific color in another area of the commercial or residential space. Unfinished hardwoods come in many different colors and styles which makes them perfect for any home design style or preference. You have more options for customizing your solid hardwood floors if you choose to go the unfinished route.


Oak is a very popular type of hardwood because it has a traditional look and is easy to maintain. It also has a very durable finish that can withstand scratches, spills, and dents. Many people choose to use oak because it can provide a traditional look, durability and resistance to scratches.


Bamboo is an eco-friendly option that is durable and beautiful in its own right. It is more expensive than other options but does not require any special care or maintenance once installed.


Cherry hardwood flooring is a type of wood that has many benefits for homeowners. It is durable, attractive, and easy to maintain. The word cherry refers to the color of the wood. The most common type of cherry hardwood flooring is a reddish brown color. 


As far as lumber goes, hickory is one of the most durable wood flooring choices available. It requires minimal maintenance, it’s one of the more water-resistant wood flooring options, and it has a super-unique look and charm.  It’s the perfect option for those that want some character added to their flooring.


Maple hardwood flooring is one of the most popular types of flooring. It has a natural look that gives your home a rustic feel. This type of wood is harder than other types and it can last for decades if it is cared for properly.


Tiger hardwood flooring is a type of hardwood flooring that has a distinctive, natural look. These types of floors are often found in homes in the tropics and they are popular because they offer an exotic and unique look. The tiger wood can be found in many different colors, but it is most often seen as a light brown color with streaks of dark brown.


Ron Hansen
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I replaced worn rug in the master bedroom and living room with wood laminate. They were able to complete the installation in one day and left everything spotless. I am so pleased with the finished floor that I would not hesitate in recommending them for any type flooring job.
Tom Spisich
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Dalton did a fanstastic job installing carpet in our basement. Mike came over to our house to measure, and did a nice job explaining the process. Ali did the install and did a wonderful job. Overall, we are very satisfied, and would recommend them to anyone
Mike Waltz
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Purchased Carpet for my mother's house from Dalton Flooring in August. I had previously gotten an estimate from Lowe's, but they were 2 months away from being able to install. When I walked into the store I was impressed with the amount of knowledge Mike the salesmen had....read more.
Shaheen Ahmed
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Couldn’t be any more happier on how our new engineered hardwood floors turned out. Friendly and very knowledgeable. Despite our very short timeline, everything was handled with utmost professionalism, great communication, efficiency and attention to details...read more.
Erin Bragg
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Excellent service from everyone at Dalton! Very seamless from time of purchase to install. Highly recommend this company for any flooring needs you may need.
Liz C
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More than once I have used Dalton floors to put flooring in my home. I was referred to them by someone and have had great luck. Beautiful Laminate and carpet this time around. Mack is great and so is the team of installers.
Nick Bossa
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Replaced my Basement carpet after a flood. Dalton Flooring prepared all the estimates needed for my insurance company and had the job completed with in a couple days of me getting approval. Quick and amazing service! I would recommend them to all my friends and family!
Gordon W.
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Dalton flooring carpeted two bedrooms for us and installed a runner on our foyer staircase. Entire staff was extremely helpful in carpet selection, scheduling and ran the process diligently and professionally. The installer, Mike was adept and professional. Overall, it was a great experience.
Linda Bower
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TOP NOTCH! I can't say enough about how pleased I am with every step of my experience. I had a unique situation that I needed expert help with, Sam treated me incredibly well. This was a small job, and I received attention and care that remains hard to believe. Thank you for all your help!
Diana Baldensperger
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I had hardwood flooring and carpet installed this week and I am highly impressed with the professionalism and quick turnaround from Dalton Flooring. The owner, Sam, was gracious in working with me to find a hardwood that was top quality...read more.
Alan Bain
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We are VERY happy we stopped in at Dalton Flooring before having our kitchen floor installed. Big John took great care of us at the showroom; James and Charlie were superb at installing our flooring. I would highly recommend that anyone looking for a new floor contact Dalton Flooring!
Donna Stewart
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Dalton just did my entire first floor in a water-proof Cortex. It is beautiful! I was very happy with the installation crew. They were courteous and payed attention to detail. Sam went the extra mile to make sure the job was done in a timely manner. Above all, communication with the store was ....read more.

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Modern, traditional, rustic… if you can name the style, there’s a hardwood floor to match it. Hardwood flooring never goes out of style. There are always new floor trends to keep up with! One of the hottest trends is grey flooring. The driftwood tone with beautiful grain patterns and a white washed color is an appealing choice. Dark espresso colored hardwood is another popular option. Wide planks are a long-standing trend, but you’ll also notice using mixed width planks is a trendy option. You want to choose a flooring company able to keep up with the latest trends. This will ensure your residential or commercial space is attractive and functional as possible. Dalton Flooring Center is up to date with the hottest trends in flooring, so get in touch for your free estimate to install hardwood floors today!

There are several installation methods for installing hardwood flooring.  Some of the most common ones include floating flooring and gluing down.  Floating flooring is the fastest and easiest way to install hardwood floors. Floating is the most popular installation method for new projects. It is also the easiest to lay a pattern without any seams or gaps in the wood. The planks are held together either by their shape or some adhesive. 

The second installation method involves the new wood flooring being glued directly to the subfloor with a strong adhesive. Glue down installations can be done by anyone but they take more time because you have to wait for the glue to dry between each step of installation. This installation method is better for high traffic areas as the result is a more stable flooring.

Installation Methods

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