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The right carpeting can be a transformative element in your home or business. When you enter a room, your eyes naturally wander, and flooring is a big part of this first impression. This is why the right carpeting can be an exceptional addition. This is especially true if you’re trying to sell your home or enhance the value of it. Carpeting adds style, comfort, and value to a home by increasing the appeal. It’s important to choose the right carpet. It’s equally as important to ensure you have the proper underlayment. The right pads will extend the life of your carpet. It also provides cushion to make it even more comfortable.

The right floor decor can add value because it enhances the overall appeal of the room. It’s practical too, because it can reduce heating costs by providing extra insulation. Extra insulation can cut your heating bill costs while making your home more attractive and comfortable. If your home is noisy with echoes, carpet can be helpful in isolating those irritating sounds.

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There are different types of carpet, and the right choice will vary on your specific needs.

High pile carpet is made up of fibers that have extra length and movement. Shag is a perfect example of the luxurious look that high pile carpeting can bring to a room. The plush look and feel of high pile creates a comfortable atmosphere in any room of your home and can add an extra level of luxury.    

Low pile carpeting has tighter loops of fibers. It’s ideal for anybody who deals with allergies or has pets and children. It attracts less grime and dirt since it has less surface area. Low pile is considered easier to clean and has a smooth surface that’s perfect for play areas and dining rooms.

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You can see why installing carpeting is a sound investment for your home renovation. There’s a huge difference between low priced carpeting and a higher quality carpet floor, especially over time. Low priced flooring might make for a great temporary solution, but it eventually needs to be replaced. You’ll have to replace low price carpeting quicker than its higher priced counterpart. Durability is made with higher quality material and it is a must have in high traffic areas such as living rooms and bedrooms.

Homeowners have a variety of responsibilities that take up a lot of time. You can feel good knowing that you’re able to shop at home with us. If you’re able, we recommend visiting our 10,000-square foot showroom. It is the best way to view a variety of carpet tiles in person to find the best variation for your home.

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