Did you know that your hardwood floor acclimates to the current weather conditions? If left unmonitored then changes such as warping, shrinking, and desaturation can all appear in your flooring. It is imperative that you learn how each of these changes occurs so you can prevent them. So how does changing weather affect your hardwood floors? Let’s find out!


When a home’s humidity level is low then hardwood floors start contracting. This shrinkage is what causes gaps and cracks to appear on your floor. These issues, if left unchecked, create an opening for liquids to get into and under your flooring.

Shrinking generally happens during the winter months when the heat is running or you leave the fire going. The heat is what dries out the air causing your home’s humidity to drop. 


Warping occurs when the temperature in your home is constantly fluctuating. This constant expansion and shrinking cause your floor to shift around. This warping not only hurts the look of your hardwood but its functionality as well. For example, when unevenness forms on the floor you will begin to experience creaks. You should take these creaks as a sign that more damage is going to happen if changes are not made. 


Discoloration in your hardwood occurs when it experiences constant exposure to a certain kind of light. For example, many people’s decks tend to look duller over time due to the constant exposure to the sun’s rays. This can be challenging for homeowners who invested in a specific kind of look for their flooring.

Despite being more common, discoloration is not just limited to the outdoors. Areas in your home that are exposed to light through windows are also prone to the effects of discoloration.

How to Prevent This

Now that you know how changing weather affects your hardwood floors, is there any way to prevent it? You will be happy to hear that there are a couple of remedies to the problems imposed by humidity and the sun. The first and most obvious answer is to invest in a humidifier. Controlling your home’s humidity year-round is highly recommended as it not only improves your indoor air quality but your hardwood floor’s condition as well. 

Unfortunately, hardwood discoloration is a bit more tricky to deal with. Many homeowners choose to place rugs in their house where the sun manages to get in; however, that does not account for debris tracked in from outdoors. Certain woods are more prone to the effects of discoloration than others so it is important to keep that in mind. Lighter hardwood such as oak, maple, and birch generally perform better in the sun than other materials.

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