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If you are considering investing in hardwood floors, you might be wondering about the rules of refinishing. How many times can hardwood be refinished? How often does it need refinishing? And how can you know if it’s time for a refinishing or a replacement? Let’s take a closer look at the ins and outs of refinishing hardwood.

How Many Times Can You Refinish Hardwood?

Before we answer any questions, keep in mind that hardwood comes in many styles, materials, and levels of quality. All of these factors play a role in how often you can refinish your hardwood. That said, high-quality hardwood can typically be refinished 8-10 times over its lifespan. A lower quality hardwood can usually be refinished around 5 times.

Of course, for hardwood to remain healthy and durable, it must be refinished properly. It is important to sand the wood down with the proper grit sandpaper, then stain and seal the wood with the proper products.

How Often Should You Refinish Your Hardwood?

The truth is, there is not an objective answer to this question. You should refinish your hardwood as often as necessary, which largely depends on how well it is maintained.

Following are a few signs that it might be time to refinish your hardwood floor.

● High-traffic areas are scratched or fading.

Most of the time, you will only have to refinish a few areas at a time. Hallways, entryways, staircases, etc. see the most hardwood damage, especially if more than one or two people live in your house. You can sand and stain these areas relatively quickly and make them match the rest of the flooring.

● The flooring lacks shine and luster.

Over time, the natural shine of high-quality hardwood tends to decrease. Instead of investing in a whole new floor, try bringing the shine back to life with a refinishing.

● You want to re-stain the floor with a new color.

One of the major benefits of hardwood flooring is that you aren’t stuck with one color or style for its entire lifespan. You can strip it and stain it with a different tone to give your home a new look. This trick is particularly beneficial when you change your house decor or repaint your walls. Additionally, it helps freshen up your home’s appearance if you are trying to sell it.

● Something foreign has stained the wood (such as paint).

Another reason you might need to refinish your hardwood is a long-term stain that won’t go away. Often, small stains blend in with the natural grain of the wood. However, other stains are too large and colorful to ignore. Fortunately, you can refinish that isolated spot and call it as good as new.

● Sunlight has faded the wood in bright rooms.

Natural light is beautiful, but it tends to fade hardwood floors and make them look outdated. If you notice fading in your brightest rooms, that is probably why. Fortunately, it’s nothing a refinishing can’t restore.

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