Now that winter has arrived, it’s important that you begin protecting your home from the elements that come with it. This not only includes ice and branches but snow as well. If snow is tracked into your home repeatedly then your flooring is going to receive a lot of damage. As the snow melts your floor will deteriorate and you’ll have to buy repairs that you could’ve been avoided. Here’s what you need to know about protecting your floor from snow. 

The Dangers of Snow and Salt

After snow enters your home it eventually melts leaving puddles on your flooring. This water serves as a hazard to you and your family as it can cause people to slip and injure themselves. Allowing the water to dry causes water damage to the floor and will lead to warps forming on the surface. On top of that, your floor’s wood will start to rot and mold will appear. This mold will start to spread over time if left untreated and cause other areas of your home to deteriorate. 

During the winter months, many people will lay salt on their front and back porch to melt any ice that is present. This prevents people from slipping, however, it also can get tracked into the house. This salt helps your porch but it’ll hurt your floor if you’re not careful. It can cause your floor to decay along with discoloration.

How to Protect Your Floor

  • Get a Doormat

Most homes have a welcome mat on the outside and inside. This isn’t just for appearance, having a doormat can save your floor a lot of damage. Making sure that you wipe your feet before entering your home is imperative if you want to preserve its quality. 

  • Take off Your Shoes

Even better than just using a doormat, take off your shoes altogether. Doing this ensures that the snow and salt stay off your hardwood.

  • Clean-Up Snow and Salt Before it Melts

If you must track snow and salt into your house then quickly clean it up. Allowing it to melt and dry is careless and avoidable. Take a towel and broom to your floor so you can get rid of any outside substances.

  • Clean Your Homes High Traffic Areas Often

Along with using a towel and broom, you should take cleaners or a mop to your floor every so often. There’s only so much you can do with a cloth, so you should take something a little more heavy-duty to your home’s high traffic areas. 

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