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There are countless benefits to investing in hardwood flooring, including style, durability, and longevity. However, sometimes it can be a little difficult to tell when a replacement is necessary. Should you repair or replace your hardwood, and how do you know for sure?

Signs That Your Hardwood Needs Refinishing

The good news about hardwood flooring is that it lasts a long time. If properly maintained, 20 years is an easy number. Even if you notice that your floor looks a little scratched or faded, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time for a replacement. In fact, a little sanding and staining might just make your hardwood look brand new.

So how do you tell the difference between hardwood that has bitten the dust and hardwood that just needs a little TLC? Look for the following signs that you should refinish your hardwood.

● High-traffic areas look a little more worn than other areas.

Over time, the areas where you walk the most (such as hallways, entryways, natural paths around furniture, etc.) tend to fade. However, if normal-traffic areas still look great, your flooring as a whole is probably still in great condition. Instead of tearing everything out and starting from scratch, try “spot-treating” the high-traffic areas with a refinishing.

Additionally, you can protect high-traffic areas with rugs and runners if you want to avoid constant refinishing.

● The color of your hardwood looks faded or old.

Again, color fades over time. The beauty of hardwood is that you can switch things up. Your floor might currently be stained with a light brown, but you can always change the flooring’s stain to a new color (like a beautiful cherry) to make it look fresh.

● Surface scratches and minor dings begin appearing.

Particularly if you don’t own very many rugs, shoes and furniture cause surface scratches over time. Fortunately, surface scratches rarely penetrate beneath the upper layer of the flooring, making them easy to buff out.

● You simply want a new look.

Even if your hardwood looks great with no fading in sight, you might find yourself looking at it through unsatisfied eyes. In this case, you probably just need a refresh. Try a new stain color, or try switching up your home’s decor.

Signs That Your Hardwood Needs Replacing

On the other hand, nothing lasts forever. While you can sand and stain your floors more than once, sometimes it’s just time to admit defeat. It can be difficult to determine when it’s time to say goodbye to your old flooring and replace your hardwood, but typically, you will notice one or more of the following signs.

●     You have already refinished the hardwood more than a few times.

High-quality hardwood can be refinished quite a few times, but if you’ve done it more than 4 or 5, at least consider replacing it. After all, constant refinishing might cost more than a replacement in the long run.

●     Nails are poking through the top of the flooring.

Visible hardware indicates that the flooring itself is worn through, not just the color. In this case, a replacement is almost always the best option, especially if you have pets or young children.

●     Boards are beginning to split or splinter.

Over time, the weight of people and furniture can cause wood flooring to split. While individual boards can be replaced, excessive splintering indicates a need for an across-the-board replacement…pun intended!

●     Water damage has caused the wood to “bubble” from underneath.

Flooding is particularly common in basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. Unfortunately, it often attacks flooring from underneath, rather than from the top. If not attended to immediately, moisture damage occurs, causing the flooring to warp and bubble. Extensive water damage typically requires a replacement, even if it’s just in one room.

●     The floor creaks excessively.

While creaky floors make for great middle-of-the-night security, they are annoying. Unfortunately, they also mean that it’s almost time for a replacement.

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