the best flooring for a basement gym

In recent years, more and more people have begun building home gyms in order to avoid high membership fees and to be able to customize their own sessions and routines without worrying about lines for equipment. While spare rooms and garages are common choices, it is the basement that provides the perfect location. But what is the best flooring for a home gym? After all, if you are looking to create your own private workout space, one that is up to the task, you want to use the correct foundation.

Types of Flooring

Here at Dalton Flooring Center, we offer a variety of high-quality potential basement gym flooring options, ranging through hardwood, carpet, vinyl, and laminate flooring

The truth is that each of these comes with its own pros and cons. Hardwood is an attractive option that always makes for great resale value, but may not be able to withstand the heavy machinery or spills associated with gyms. Carpets, while comfortable underfoot, are a no-no for liquid and can even begin to breed bacteria as it is much more difficult to clean regularly. Finally, while vinyl and laminate flooring might fare well, wouldn’t you rather pick the type of flooring that is designed specifically for home gyms?

What Is Home Gym Flooring?

So what exactly is the best gym flooring for a basement? The answer is rubber. Rubber flooring is durable enough to serve in a dedicated workout room, easy to wipe free of spills or sweat, affordable enough to not break your budget, and attractive on top of it all. For your basement gym, you need a foundation that is a long-term investment and will help make your exercises easier, safer, and quieter. Rubber is that foundation.

Why Rubber Gym Flooring?

There is a large amount of wear and tear that comes with a home gym. The heavy foot traffic and the weight of the machines are two of the most notable. 

  • The beauty of rubber flooring is that it provides an even cushioned surface (no tripping hazards) that is able to withstand dropped weights without the fear of damage, as well as hold heavy machinery in place without it slipping or sliding around. 
  • When it comes to spills, sweat, and other dirt, not only is rubber flooring easy to clean, but it is also less likely to grow bacteria as it can be sanitized more frequently. 
  • Something else you may not consider is shock absorption–your joints need more cushioned flooring (read about gym flooring thickness here). Bare cement is too hard and carpeting can be unstable. Rubber is just right.
  • Rubber flooring can also provide sound absorption so you can work out without the fear of disturbing others in your household.

Choose Dalton Flooring Center

So if you’re ready to improve your workout routine with the best basement gym possible, look no further. We have the best flooring for a basement gym. Rubber gym flooring is not only a wise investment in your physical health; it also offers versatility in style and installation, resulting in a sleek appearance and a fast installation process. When you enlist the help of a professional installation team like ours, you can enjoy completely revamped gym floors without any inconvenience.

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