The Best Materials for Staircases

Installing or replacing a staircase brings a dramatic impact to any home’s layout and design. With abundant options to evaluate, deciding the most suitable materials that meet your functional needs, aesthetic taste and budget can feel overwhelming.

As Southeast Michigan’s flooring experts with over 40 years of enriching homes in the Southeast Michigan area, Dalton Flooring Center has provided countless staircases using quality materials and unbeatable pricing. Allow our insights to guide your upcoming staircase project in selecting the right solution for your lifestyle and space.

Plush & Practical: Carpet Staircases

As one of the most widely used flooring types found in households across America, carpet continues to be a popular choice for stairs. Several solid reasons explain carpet’s widespread staircase appeal:

Sure-Footed Safety

The soft surface of carpet supplies a traction advantage much appreciated on staircases by providing steady footing, making you less prone to slips. This added friction keeps family members safer descending steps compared to hard flooring materials. Homes with small kids, senior residents, pets that use the stairs, or family members managing physical disabilities particularly benefit from the carpet’s grip and cushion. Our seasoned installers properly prepare carpet staircases by using quality padding underneath for extra stability. We also diligently stretch and seam carpet edges firmly in place while stapling any loose areas to prevent future shifting or lifts – contributing an extra stability boost.

Peace & Quiet

Carpet absorbs ambient noises rather than amplifying them as hard reflective materials commonly do. The subtle sound barrier carpet supplies significantly reduces bothersome echoing and noisy transfers to other rooms often associated with staircases.

Budget-Friendly Initial Cost

Quality carpet options cost noticeably less than most other stair-worthy flooring materials. Dalton Flooring Center’s wide offerings cater to all price points and staircase budgets.

Hardwood Staircase Beauty

Hardwood flooring brings coveted, classic good looks to any staircase installation, matching most home designs seamlessly. Between abundant wood species and plank style options, the versatility spans traditional to contemporary, depending on your taste. Dalton Flooring Center provides these useful benefits using hardwood on staircases:

Time-Tested & Sophisticated

Gorgeous wood grain textures are available from many different types of wood. Mixing plank direction for unique designs serves up even more visual versatility. Our tiered stain offerings unlock further customization so your stairs coordinate perfectly with existing floors.

Low-Effort Upkeep

Hardwood simply needs a weekly sweep and damp mopping. Spot cleaning any spills quickly further maintains the graceful appearance with minimal homeowner effort.

Supporting Resale Value

Quality hardwood floors boost home resale value for future selling, according to data from the National Association of Realtors. Rich stained staircases especially appeal to buyers focused on timeless features.

Seeking Contemporary Style? Consider Luxury Vinyl Plank

If you’re seeking a contemporary, durable flooring option for your staircase remodel, or new home project, luxury vinyl plank is a great choice to consider.

Heavy Duty Construction

Thanks to high-end vinyl planking’s layered internal structure, the material withstands heavy foot trafficking and consistent use over the years while showing very minimal wear and tear signs. Any spots, spills, or debris on vinyl’s protective finish can be wiped cleanly using only damp mopping.

Excellent Design Versatility

Vinyl plank quality and realism can mimic any visual style you desire using one affordable product. Mix patterns between stair treads and risers or match adjoining rooms’ floors seamlessly. With hundreds of species and coloration possibilities available from Dalton Flooring Center, the only limit becomes your imagination!

100% Waterproof

Quality vinyl flooring sold today gains complete impermeability from moisture contact using solid polymer cores rather than outdated wood composites prone to swelling and warping. Luxury vinyl withstands not just quick spills but flooding incidents and leaks without water penetrating joints or seeping under planks.

Low Maintenance Needs

Thanks to quality scratch-resistant finishes and waterproof construction, LVP is relatively low maintenance. Just an occasional damp mopping keeps vinyl staircase surfaces looking like new over a very long useful life. For homes seeking contemporary visuals paired with staircases built to last decades, Dalton Flooring Center’s qualified LVP installers make vinyl plank flooring achievable using meticulous techniques vital for quality staircase projects. Ask about texturing treads during installation to improve slip resistance.

FAQs: Finding Your Ideal Staircase Flooring

Still weighing options to determine the best flooring solutions to meet your staircase’s unique needs? See answers to some of the most frequently asked questions Dalton Flooring Center fields from homeowners like you:

What’s most important when evaluating staircase flooring?

According to building safety experts we consult regularly during major renovation projects, durability and slip resistance should rank as top priorities to protect household members using any staircase, whether existing or newly built. Unfortunately, serious stairway accidents remain painfully common, especially among children and elderly family members. Appropriate lighting fixtures, secured handrails on both sides, and grip-adding materials built into stairs all provide protection.

Should I hire professionals or install new staircase flooring myself?

In nearly all cases beyond small entrance stairs, Dalton Flooring Center strongly recommends hiring professional staircase builders and flooring installers rather than taking a DIY approach. Successfully accounting for important code compliance factors, properly securing materials, and neatly finishing transitional areas all benefit greatly from specialized tools and niche expertise gathered over hundreds of successful installations. Cutting corners on sourcing or experience risks major structural problems down the road. Don’t gamble your loved ones’ safety or your major flooring investment by installing new staircases solo!

Transform Your Staircase: Contact Dalton Today!

As the leading provider to Southeast Michigan homeowners seeking to enhance existing staircase spaces or incorporate beautiful new staircases into home expansions and renovations for over four decades and counting, Dalton Flooring Center’s consultative approach begins with learning your unique needs.

Arrange your hassle-free, complimentary consultation with our team online or call 734-304-8920 to unlock preferential time slots for your flooring evaluation and precise quotation. Whether building your dream home or freshening up decades-old steps, we offer seamless experiences from concept to completion.

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