If you’re looking for a way to increase an environment’s level of cleanliness and comfort then look no further! With the help of Green Label Plus, you’ll be sure to find a carpet that’s CRI certified. You may be asking “What does CRI certified mean?” Well, it’s quite simple! Green Label Plus is a company that tests different types of carpets to make sure they’re consumer-friendly. So what does Green Label Plus mean for carpet? Let’s find out!

What does CRI Green Label Plus Approved Mean?

As mentioned above, Green Label Plus performs different tests to ensure that a carpet is environmentally friendly. They also do this with adhesives and cushions as well. CRI stands for the Carpet and Rug Institute. This institution made Green Label plus to test and weed out the carpets that weren’t considered chemically friendly. Doing this has allowed the indoor air quality in buildings with carpets to improve. 

The testing period lasts up to 14 days and monitors what kind of substances are being emitted by the carpet. If carpet is made without care then over time the chemicals that transfer from the ground to the air can be harmful to the people around it. 

Indoor Air Quality

If you’ve never heard of the term indoor air quality then you might be a little confused. Simply put, what you breathe in every day matters greatly. Fatigue, headaches, and irritability within the eyes are all proven to be symptoms of poor air quality. Constant inhalation of toxic air can also put people with asthma or other medical conditions at serious risk. Because of this, being safe rather than sorry is the best thing you can do for both yourself and the people around you. 

Flooring is the base of the building so the first step to eliminating chemicals is to put in a CRI certified carpet. Providing proper ventilation on top of this is a surefire way to improve your indoor air quality.

How Green Label Plus Affects You

Green Label Plus is your best friend when it comes to purchasing carpet. Finding flooring that is CRI certified will not only increase a building’s comfort but its atmosphere as well. So next time you go shopping, look for that verification before you accidentally get a toxic carpet installed. 

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