Whether your carpet is damaged, worn out, or you simply want a change of pace, you’ve now decided it’s time to replace it. It’s not hard to find and replace your used carpet, however, it isn’t always clear what you should do with it. Hauling it away to a dumpster can be a chore and it’s also not a very environmentally-friendly solution. So how do you make use of your old carpet? What do most professional companies choose to do with it? Let’s find out!

How Often Should You Replace Carpet

How often you need to replace carpet is determined by a couple of factors. Depending on how you choose to take care of it some carpets can last upward of 10 years while others only make it through 5 years. The fiber of your carpet also plays a big role. This is because some fibers are more durable than others and can take more wear. If your home is busy or you’ve noticed that your carpet is starting to break down then you should hire a professional to come to look at it and give you an estimate. Doing so gives you a clear idea of how much time your carpet has left along with how much it’s going to cost to replace it. 

Does Carpet Decompose

Carpets are big, bulky, and difficult to move from place to place. Because of this, you may be tempted to send it off to the first trash company that accepts it. Unfortunately, even though most trash companies will take your carpet, it’s full of so many complex fibers it’s impossible to break down in landfills.

Instead of sending off your used carpet to a landfill, consider recycling it. Getting rid of it is nearly the same process and your carpet can be repurposed rather than destroyed. Not all fibers are recyclable so it’s imperative that you do proper research before sending it off. Most professional companies take old carpet and turn it into new carpet. Doing so not only saves money but the environment as well. 

Can You Get Money From Used Carpet

While you may be hard-pressed to find anyone looking for a ratty carpet, if yours is still in relatively good condition then try reselling it or donating it to charity. This is a great option if you ended up replacing your old carpet for aesthetic reasons and not because it was at the end of its life. If your carpet still has plenty of time left in it then don’t waste it. 

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