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Did you know that a carpet’s density is directly related to its performance? The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) recommends specific densities depending on the amount of traffic your flooring will receive. So what is carpet density, and why does it matter? Let’s find out!

What is carpet density?

Carpet density is measured by a couple of things. When purchasing a carpet, the first thing to consider is its pile fiber density. Different carpets include different amounts of fibers in its face. Having many of these in a consolidated area increases its thickness and overall sturdiness.

Another way a carpet achieves its density and weight is its tufts per inch. If a carpet is tufted instead of woven (stitching rows of fiber through a backing material), then the number of tufts will inevitably vary. Having more of these in closer proximity to each other will allow the carpet to keep its shape longer and protect it from heavy usage.

Why is carpet density so important?

Having a dense carpet provides you with many different benefits that you would not see otherwise. For example, when a carpet has a piece of furniture set on it, the face gets compacted down, causing it to lose its shape. When tuft carpet fibers are closer together, they are more likely to retain their original form. This means that the denser the carpet is, the more impact it can absorb and bounce back from. This aesthetic longevity allows you to worry less about what you’re putting in your home, giving you full control over its look.

Is a heavier-weight carpet better?

As you may have surmised, heavier-weight carpet is more durable than lighter carpet. However, that does not mean that heavier carpet is always better. If you are only looking at the density of the carpet pile when you are purchasing it, you will end up overlooking other important details such as its fiber type, fiber twist, and style. 

Perhaps you expect your flooring to receive a lot of use with heavy foot traffic, in that case, go for a CRI certified minimum density of 5,000. If you are not planning to have many guests traversing on your flooring, you can focus less on density and more on looks and comfort.

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