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Long-lasting flooring is a major priority for families who are trying to make a more eco-friendly choice. The less you have to repair or replace your floors the healthier it is for the environment. Good flooring choices include hardwood floors made from sustainable forestry practices that leave a small global footprint. Also, engineered wood floors and laminate flooring are great choices for homeowners that are looking for long-lasting and durable flooring options. Why should you buy eco-friendly wood flooring? Here’s what you need to know.

What Are Sustainable Forestry Practices?

Sustainable forestry practices are principles that are put in place to protect and care for forests to make sure that there is continued growth in the area for future trees. Certain things that are done to achieve this sustainability include:

  • Checking to see if the forest has enough seeds to promote future growth
  • Fencing off the foresting area to keep unwanted animals out
  • Prohibiting animals from eating the saplings after they have been planted
  • Controlling weeds and other plants
  • Removing some trees to allow for plenty of sunlight to shine into the forest.

All of these measures help to ensure that the trees replenish themselves and aren’t removed permanently from that forest, thus rendering it lifeless.

What Is Engineered Wood?

Engineered wood is also known as “man-made wood” or composite wood. It is durable wood made by layering several thin layers of wood called ply on top of each other and cementing them in place with glue, pressure, and heat. This process makes a durable wood that can stand immense amounts of force and is resistant to breaks.

Engineered wood comes in several different varieties including plywood, particleboard, laminate veneer, and cross-laminated. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, but are all very durable and make for a great eco-friendly choice for your home’s floors.

Is Laminate Flooring An Eco-Friendly Option?

Laminate flooring is a form of engineered wood that sometimes people assume isn’t all that eco-friendly but that just isn’t the case. Laminate flooring is made by layering wood sheets on top of each other to create a dense and durable final product. This wood can be from a multitude of sources including wood harvested from fallen trees, old barn wood, driftwood, and wood that has been reclaimed or saved from buildings.

This ability to use any type of wood is what makes laminate flooring such an eco-friendly option to choose. It’s durable, all-inclusive, and easy to make nature make it a great choice for any homeowner looking to go green with their flooring.

Why Should You Buy Eco-Friendly Wood Flooring?

Making the choice to go with an eco-friendly route for your flooring is one you should make. The options for long-lasting durable flooring ranging from wood gathered in sustainable foresting, engineered wood, and laminate flooring gives you a ton of freedom to choose the path you want to take while you are making big home decisions.

Need Some Help with Installation?

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