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Best Flooring For Pets

Pets are a wonderful source of companionship, loyalty, protection, and laughter. They do say that it’s possible to be at least 10% happier when you have a pet! However, they can occasionally produce a bit of a mess. To guard your home against accidents, claws, and fur, make sure you know what the best flooring for pets is. We’ll go into your options in this blog!

Here are four professional tips on how to choose the right flooring for small spaces.

Flooring Features to Look For

Whether you are remodeling your home or building a pet-friendly home from scratch, it’s important to keep a few pet-friendly factors in mind. Generally speaking, your flooring should possess the following features.

Water Resistant

Pets mean water. Whether it’s dragging around a water bowl, dripping water from the toilet, shaking a wet coat, or having an accident, your pet will leave wet spots. Excessive moisture damages many flooring types, so it is important that most of your flooring is water-resistant.


Likewise, unless you declaw your pet, your animal will likely scratch up your floor. Scratch-resistant flooring helps prevent excessive damage.

Easy to Clean

Fur, urine, vomit, and feces work together to cause long-term damage to your floor. Unless the flooring is easy to clean, your animal’s substances can soak into the material.


Pets carry many allergens. Fur, dander, dirt, dust, etc. become trapped in soft floorings, lowering your home’s indoor air quality. To protect your health and comfort, choose an allergy-friendly flooring type.

Which Flooring is Best for Pets?

So, which flooring responds best to pets? The following flooring types are the easiest to maintain if you have dogs or cats.

1. Tile Flooring

Tile is easily one of the most durable, affordable flooring options on the market. Waterproof tiles make cleanup easy, and the scratch-resistant finish protects from claw damage. Additionally, tiles come in many different styles, including classic, marble, stone, wood, etc. so that you can match them to the style of your home.

Tile floors can get cold, and they are a little uncomfortable for your pet, so make sure to invest in some soft rugs.

2. Vinyl Flooring

Like tile, vinyl comes in all shapes and sizes. It, too, is durable and easy to clean. Vinyl doesn’t scratch or wear down easily, and accidents won’t hurt it since it is waterproof.

The primary disadvantage of vinyl is its cheapness. Its affordability and durability are nice for the current owner, but it doesn’t do much for home resale value. However, unless you plan on selling your home very soon, vinyl makes for great temporary flooring.

3. Engineered Hardwood

No type of hardwood boasts 100% scratch-resistance. However, engineered hardwood is certainly more durable than solid hardwood. If you go this route, remember to finish your engineered hardwood with a protective coating.

Flooring Types to Avoid

While some flooring is more difficult to maintain with pets in the house, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Objectively speaking, you can install any flooring type and maintain its lifespan with proper maintenance. It just might take some extra work.

If you aren’t too excited about the extra maintenance, you should avoid the following types of flooring.

●     Solid Hardwood

High-quality hardwood is beautiful to look at but requires quite a bit of TLC. Only install solid hardwood if you don’t mind sanding down and refinishing scratches from your pet’s claws.

●     Laminate

Although a cheaper alternative to hardwood, laminate is susceptible to moisture damage. Particularly if you have a puppy who is not house-trained, accidents can warp the laminate and cause need for a replacement.

●     Carpet (at least in every room)

Carpet is famous for hiding dirt and allergens in its soft pile. Many homeowners prefer carpet for its softness, warmth, and soundproofing abilities, but we recommend that you use it sparingly in a home with pets. Perhaps keep it in the bedrooms and not the hallways (which see high foot-traffic from pets).

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