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Choosing a flooring type is usually a matter of taste. However, interior designers know a thing or two about both trendy and classic looks, as well as what’s easy and affordable to install. That’s why it’s always helpful to look at what the experts are saying. What are interior designers’ favorite flooring types?

Classic Flooring Types

A “classic” flooring type is a style that has always worked and will always work. If you prefer to avoid trends and stick to a classic look, interior designers recommend the following as their favorite flooring.

1. Wood

Hardwood has been around for ages, and quality hardwood lasts a long time. This is why most interior designers favor wood as a flooring option. Hardwood comes in numerous types, durability’s, and colors. You can strip it and re-stain it, as well as wax and polish it. Hardwood requires a certain level of maintenance, but if you treat it well, it lasts. Additionally, hardwood goes well anywhere in the house, whether it’s the kitchen or the bedroom.

2. Laminate

Laminate wood looks like hardwood, but it is cheaper and easier to maintain. Interior designers love the durability and ease of laminate wood installation. If you have pets, small children, or experience high foot traffic in your home, laminate flooring is probably a great option for you. Just remember that laminate is more susceptible to water damage, so clean up spills or accidents as soon as they occur.

3. Wood Vinyl

Not only is wood vinyl affordable and heavy-duty, but it is also very easy to replace. Vinyl flooring is a great “temporary” fix if you want a wood look, but you don’t have the budget or living situation to invest in it. Interior designers recommend wood vinyl for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. Just change it later if you decide to go for a long-term investment.

Trendy Flooring Types

On the other side of the coin, trendy flooring types make a bold statement. In the 1980s, that statement was brightly colored shag carpet. Nowadays, the statement looks a little different. If you plan on reselling your home in a few years, it is probably best to avoid overdoing the trends. However, if you plan to sell immediately or never sell at all, trends are great. Interior designers recommend the following styles.

1. Porcelain

Porcelain flooring grows increasingly popular among interior designers for several reasons. First, it features a bright, classy appearance. Porcelain tiles go a long way in spicing up a bathroom. Second, porcelain tiles mimic the appearance of other materials, like wood, marble, and stone. Porcelain tile can be laid in elaborate patterns, making it a great “statement” flooring.

2. Geometric Tiles

Likewise, geometric tiles are a fun trend enjoyed by both designers and homeowners. Hexagons, stripes, chevron, and other varying patterns help make the tile look trendier. As an added benefit, tile is tough and durable.

3. Herringbone Marble

Have you ever seen a herringbone flooring pattern? If you haven’t, you’re missing out. Most people prefer to keep unique flooring patterns to one or two rooms, but herringbone marble belongs on the floors, walls, and ceilings! Interior designers love herringbone marble for its distinctiveness and elegance.

What Flooring Type is Right for You?

Ultimately, a professional interior designer cannot tell you what flooring is right or wrong for your home. Again, hearing the opinions of others is helpful, but your home should be an expression of yourself. Likewise, your flooring plays a huge role in the overall atmosphere of your home. Evaluate your wants and needs against one another, and make a choice based on the result.

Make sure you ask yourself plenty of questions, such as these.

  • How long do you want to live in your current home?
  • Who lives with you (pets, children, etc.)?
  • Do you prefer trendy or classic?
  • What flooring type can you practically maintain based on your lifestyle?
  • Do you want more than one flooring type in your home?
  • What is your budget?
How Can Dalton Flooring Help?

Dalton Flooring has been doing business as a carpet and flooring store in Southgate for 40 years. We also have a new location in Rochester Hills, MI. We offer carpet consultations as well as installation from our variety of carpet selections. Whether you visit our store or choose to have samples brought to your home for a Free In-Home Estimate, we have a range of flooring designs and products to help you achieve your desired goals.



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