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Spring has arrived, and with it comes the perfect opportunity to clean, organize, and redesign your home. A fresh coat of paint, landscaping, and even new carpet can spruce up a home. Not sure about this year’s spring styles? We have you covered!

Getting Inspired by Home Decor

Whether you fall into the “I love it” or the “I dread it” category of home decorating, it is possible to keep the process simple and enjoyable. Just like fashion, your home is an expression of yourself. You should create a living space that meets your needs, satisfies your comfort, and reflects your personality.

Spring Styles to Consider

Since your home is about you, it doesn’t actually matter whether or not it is “trendy.” However, trends provide a great place to get started and build some preferences. Evaluate these spring styles to see if they fit your home.

1. Bright Colors
A new season is a perfect time to introduce bright pops of color into your living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc. You can do this in numerous ways, from painting a statement wall in your house to purchasing a new rug. If you would like to spruce up your house’s exterior, consider changing your mailbox or address letters to a bright and cheery color.

2. Light and Airy
Take advantage of the spring sunshine by creating a light, open space within your home. Use neutrals and airy fabrics to accentuate any natural light entering through windows. Light-colored hardwood flooring can brighten a room. Make sure all your lightbulbs offer white light instead of warm light.

3. Statement Pieces
Statement decor is a great way to liven up your house, especially if you are drawn toward minimalistic pieces. Unexpected colors, patterns, mirrors, lamps, knick-knacks, artwork, etc. provide the eye with a central point of focus. Statement pieces are also very versatile, as they are easy to swap in and out as you please.

4. Plants and Florals
Why not bring a little bit of spring into your home? Houseplants, succulents, hanging vines, and ferns lend your home a feeling of sunshine and warmth. If your green thumb is lacking, you can easily substitute faux plants or even botanical prints for your walls.

5. Handcrafted Pieces
Many homeowners prefer the affordable and modern look of store-bought furniture. However, handcrafted pieces lend a charm to your home that cannot be duplicated. Natural materials, attention to detail, and the skill of the artist lead to striking results. They also work well with hardwood flooring.

Don’t Forget to Build Your Framework!

It is a fairly simple process to “surface decorate” for each season. However, sometimes it pays to get in deep and remodel the roots. Whether that means investing in new furniture, replacing appliances, or installing new floors, spring is a great season for a fresh start.

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