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What is a Carpet Consultation?

If you are looking into replacing the flooring in your home, you may be toying with the idea of buying new carpet. Just like any flooring, carpet has its pros and cons, which is why a carpet consultation is helpful. What is a carpet consultation, and why do you need one? We’re so glad you asked.

What to Expect During a Carpet Consultation

A professional carpet consultation indicates what it would cost to install carpet in your home, as well as what type of carpet would be best suited for you. Let’s take a quick look at what a professional will discuss with you during a carpet consultation.

● Measurement
Depending on where you want to carpet, your measurements can vary quite a bit. For instance, if you only want to carpet the staircase in a 2500 square foot home, your carpet installation company will need very specific measurements.

● Cost Estimate
Again, cost varies depending on the number of rooms being carpeted, as well as the type of carpet you want.

● Design
Professional installers will likely ask you if you have an idea regarding style, design, color, etc. so that he/she can provide an accurate estimate. Ideally, the company doing your installation will provide carpet samples so you can see what looks good with the rest of your home.

A professional should also let you know the details of installation such as when, who, how long, and what you can expect.

What to Expect During Carpet Installation

Different companies provide different services during installation. Some may remove furniture for you and clean up afterward, while others may offer carpet installation only. Generally speaking, you should check with your flooring company to see what you can expect from them as well as what they expect from you. The following are three important things to keep in mind before or during the installation process.

1. Remove all furniture from the area to be carpeted.
Ask your carpet company who is responsible for moving furniture. Remember, everything must be out of the way during installation, and there must be a clear pathway, so plan a good place to temporarily store everything.

2. Expect extra noise and dirt.
Flooring installation can be noisy and messy. Try to stay flexible. If you have kids or pets, maybe plan for them to be outside during the installation period.

3. Plan ahead.
Keep the installation time at the forefront of your schedule, that way you don’t get stuck with company coming over when your furniture is all over the place.

Tips for Choosing Carpet

Picking out flooring can be overwhelming, so it is important to keep several things in mind.

1. Consider all home occupants.
Again, pets and young children make a huge difference in flooring choices. On the one hand, hardwood or laminate is easier to clean after spills or accidents. On the other hand, carpeting is softer for crawling.

2. Make a list of high-traffic areas.
Carpet tends to wear out quicker than wood floors do. High-traffic areas such as hallways and doorways generally work better with tile or wood, whereas bedrooms, living spaces, etc. do well with carpeting.

3. Be practical.
You may like the look of bright white carpet, but remember to be practical for the phase of life you are in. Carpet replacement comes faster with stains.

Remember to have your carpet professionally cleaned every few months to increase its lifespan and keep your home looking fresh.

Who Are We, and How Can We Help?

Dalton Flooring has been doing business as a carpet and flooring store in Southgate for 40 years. We also have a new location in Rochester Hills, MI. We offer carpet consultations as well as installation from our variety of carpet selections. Whether you visit our store or choose to have samples brought to your home for a Free In-Home Estimate, we have a range of flooring designs and products to help you achieve your desired goals.



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