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The warm, happy months of summer provide the perfect opportunity to update your home’s look. After all, the ability to spend time outside during construction makes remodeling a breeze. Why not embrace a new flooring trend to spice things up and impress family and friends? Here are this summer’s hottest flooring trends.

Flooring Trends to Consider this Summer

Like every year, 2021 brought on a wide array of new design trends. Whatever your personal taste, you are sure to find something to like about this summer’s flooring trends. Make sure to consider the following ideas when planning your remodel.

1. Bring the floors out of the background with bright, light-colored materials.

Historically speaking, flooring tends to be viewed as the background piece that ties everything else in your home together. In other words, you plan your flooring based on potential decor, not your decor around your flooring. That said, a great way to stay neutral and still make a statement with your flooring is to install bright, light-colored flooring. Blonde oak, pecan, and light shades of bamboo are popular this year. The lightness helps open up your home and catch the eye without being overwhelming.

2. Keep the environment in mind and use natural materials.

While synthetic flooring offers a durable, affordable alternative to expensive hardwood, it’s not as environmentally friendly as other options. If you want to stay eco-friendly and lend your home a genuine, natural feeling, natural flooring is the way to go. 100% hardwood or bamboo look great without damaging the environment.

3. Use your floors to integrate your home with your patio.

Who says your indoor and outdoor living spaces have to be separate? A unique trend surfacing is to integrate your indoor and outdoor spaces. Simply choose an outdoor-friendly material and install it in the room that leads to your patio. A wide set of double doors and tasteful decor makes this a perfect area for entertaining. Guests can go in and out of your home without feeling like they are journeying between two separate areas.

4. Don’t be afraid to bring geometric shapes back.

Funky patterns and shapes are back in, and the best part is that they are fully customizable. Make a statement with hexagonal tiles, brightly colored stones, or unique marble swirls. If you like the idea of spicing things up but don’t want to overwhelm yourself, add a few geometric shapes to small areas. Your bathroom and laundry room are great places to add some statement flooring.

5. Change up your look with unique rug prints.

Flooring trends don’t have to be permanent. You can update your home with brightly colored and patterned rugs scattered throughout. Then, as trends change or you get bored with the look, you can remove and change them.

6.   Create the perfect neutral backdrop with gray flooring.

If you prefer your flooring to stay neutral and in the background, you are in luck. Gray flooring is recently in style and makes the perfect choice for any color scheme, including neutrals, pastels, bright pops of color, etc. A fresh, light gray carpet, stone, tile, or laminate makes an excellent backdrop and still succeeds in brightening up your home.

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