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Choosing flooring for your bathroom can be particularly difficult, as you want an affordable, durable option that doesn’t look bad. Of course, carpet is off the table, but what about laminate? Can you put laminate flooring in your bathroom, and more importantly, should you?

Pros of Laminate Flooring in Bathrooms

Laminate flooring definitely possesses its share of advantages. A high-quality brand and installation company should provide you with the following benefits.

●     Affordability

Because laminate flooring is made up of multiple synthetic layers, it is much cheaper to manufacture than real hardwood. As a result, the cost for the consumer (you) is considerably lower than that of other types of flooring.

●     Durability

The various layers of resin and fiberboard prevent the laminate from scratching or denting the way real hardwood does. This removes the need for refinishing and works great in homes with children or pets.

●     Easy Installation

Laminate flooring does not require any adhesives to “stay put,” making it a dry installation. Instead, boards are hammered together, almost like puzzle pieces that snap together. The result is a quick, easy, and affordable installation.

●     Simple Maintenance

Additionally, cleaning and maintaining laminate flooring is relatively easy. Because the surface does not easily scratch, a simple wipe-down brings the floor back to looking as good as new. Just be careful not to soak the laminate in water when mopping.

●     Variety of Styles to Choose From

Because laminate is synthetic, it comes in numerous colors and styles. The flexible manufacturing allows for mimicry of all types of hardwood, stone, tile, etc.

Cons of Laminate Flooring in Bathrooms

Unfortunately, while laminate certainly has its pros, it also has its cons. Particularly in a bathroom, where the environment is damp and steamy, laminate poses some unfortunate disadvantages.

●     Warping Due to Excessive Moisture

The lack of grout or mortar makes laminate an easy target for “bubbling.” Bubbling occurs when moisture seeps in between floorboards and becomes trapped, causing the laminate to bend and warp. This typically occurs gradually and can be combated with proper maintenance and ventilation.

●     Potential Need for Early Replacement

Despite its affordability, the danger of “bubbling” can lead to an early flooring replacement, costing you more in the long run.

●     Lack of Grip When Wet

The synthetic material of laminate becomes very slippery when wet, so make sure to add several rugs if using it in the bathroom.

Should You Put Laminate Flooring in Your Bathroom?

Ultimately, the answer to this question depends on the type of investment you want to make. Laminate flooring can certainly work in your bathroom, particularly if you are dedicated to ventilating the area after showers. Again, rugs provide some extra grip and a small barrier between the laminate and the water.

If you are willing to maintain it, laminate provides an affordable, durable alternative to other types of flooring. However, if you don’t think laminate is for you, tile also works great as bathroom flooring.

How Can Dalton Flooring Help?

Dalton Flooring has been doing business as a carpet and flooring store in Southgate for 40 years. We also have a new location in Rochester Hills, MI. We offer carpet consultations as well as installation from our variety of carpet selections. Whether you visit our store or choose to have samples brought to your home for a Free In-Home Estimate, we have a range of flooring designs and products to help you achieve your desired goals.



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